Comic is on Hold pending a REBOOT!

As soon as the holidays are over, I will begin a total stripdown and reboot of the comic. Those of you who follow me on the Facebook page or on twitter will be “in” on all my thoughts and trials as I go through this process.  Those who only follow this page via RSS or Email will not have any more updates, though I am considering re-playing the comic (taking all down and restarting posting the updates  from the beginning) over the holidays. What are your thoughts on that?

I will monitor this thread for comments and discussions.

In other news, my phone has a drawing app. I will be posting these kinds of things to the twitter feed and facebook page, too:

Drawing on the phone! Nice!

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Meh do a full re-boot but post bits here and there as test to make sure the new site is up to par. Heck use doodles as tests if need be but that will keep the update people happy and allow you to focus on the getting the reboot done with only small interruptions to make doodles,…..

That’s great! I think I will. And you guys are my favorite test group! HAHAHA

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