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Happy Halloween!
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This story is finally finished. It was my second takeoff of an Edgar Allan Poe story. It was kind of hard to adapt to the comic, but I think it worked out rather well. It is weird to think of cool-headed Tina losing it. But dieting will do that to you at Halloween!

This will be the last comic update for a while as we are looking at a REBOOT of the comic next year! Once the holidays are over, I’ll be redesigning the characters, the site and possibly changing the name of the comic. I will do sporadic updates here on the site and a few filler strips as the spirit moves me.

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Ok so when are we expecting this reboot to hit,…. Jan,… Feb,…. 2020? lol.

You’ll know as soon as I know! I will be updating the blog as I progress.

Of course,… I was making a funny,…. Holidays with family trump this stuff in here. I mean seriously,….lol

LOL, no worries! Just thinking about the reboot give me fret lines. I am revamping EVERYTHING! (Or should I say “reWitching” everything?)

Just remember one day at a time,…. do not expect to have it all together in one sitting,….. we will be waiting,..just pop in once a week or so and let us know whats what,…..

Wow. I missed all the updates! I’m caught up now, though! Huzzah!

I assumed you were prepping for NaNoWriMo! Good to see you, Hoomi!

I see you’re recording some NaNoWriMo totals, too, Samantha! Huzzah!

Heh! A most devilishly… “witchishly?” good tale! I can hear Mr.Poe’s shade gasping for aetherial breath between unearthly peals of laughter.

I shall await the reboot with bated breath.

Best Luck with NaNoWriMo!

Thanks, Bitflipper! More will be coming, but I intend to do a complete overhaul. <3

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