Still Twitching

Greetings, all! So sorry to leave you hanging, but the Real World has brought about some big changes in our house and we’ve been out of any kind of normal routine for about a year. (You can read about it on my personal blog, DOODLEBOT.NET.) Thank you to those of you who have been checking in here and/or following me on twitter and on facebook .  You probably already know all this stuff!

But pertinent to the comic, YES I am going to finish this storyline! (Hopefully before THIS Halloween.)

YES, the comic is going to continue. I enjoy it too much to quit. Unfortunately, I don’t know when I can go back to regular updates. I want to revamp the whole comic and website at this point, and bring back my tech/gadget/life-hack blog WitchyTech too.

So watch this space, follow me on Twitter (or just the comic site’s RSS feed on twitter), or on facebook to get the heads-up as soon as things get to my new normal.


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Watching, waiting, anticipating.

Thanks, Bearman. <3

Huzzah! Hope things calm down for y’all pretty soon!

Thanks for keeping up with me, Hoomi! Hubby has gone ahead to Seattle for the job, now I “just” have to get my act together and follow ASAP.

This is why I follow your RSS feed; even when I have long comic-reading hiatuses myself, it’s easy to tell if there’s something new. Good luck with all your various life things.

Have you made it to Seattle yet, Samantha? Hope you and yours have a wonderful and happy Holiday season!

Not yet!! Same to you and yours, Hoomi. THANK YOU for checking in after me.

You too, Scott M! Thank you for following the feed. Sorry it’s been so lax. I am determined to make this my full time job once the dust settles.

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