Cookbook Sale!

Order Your Copy Today!There are still copies of WEBCOMICS WHAT’S COOKING left!  Check it out:

All the profits from this book go to food banks in the US and Canada. In it, you will find recipes and comics from some of your favorite webcomic creators! INCLUDING a wonderful breakfast recipe and a little Life’s a Witch comic from ME.

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In order to sell the last few, they’re letting the creators offer a 7.5% discount!

You have to use the discount code: Samantha to get the sale price. (This code is case sensitive.)

This is such a great little cookbook. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone and you know the holidays are coming up.

I understand that there aren’t that many of these books left. Let’s see if we can clear the warehouse before the holidays to give the food banks a boost and cross some things off our Christmas lists!

Remember: for the 7.5% discount, use the coupon code Samantha.



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I learned a lot from your particular segment…never mess with gnomes on an empty-stomach.

Quick question: are all the witches standing in the outside drive-thru line because they’re riding brooms? That’s pretty cute.

Yes, in Witchy’s world, drive-thru and fly-thru are interchangeable. And you should never mess with gnomes in any case!

I’m glad you posted. It reminded me that I need to get a couple more cookbooks!

*still lurking*

*wave* to you Cemalidor! Thank you for hanging in there with me.

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