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STRIP this past Saturday was a blast! I had SO MUCH fun. Husband Michael was there to help me with the table while I flitted around the floor visiting old and new friends. Touching base with the comics community is so wonderful.

I got to see the best uber fans EVAR: Adminderella and Mr. Posslq! (Links to their own write-ups on the con.) They buttered me up by bringing liquid refreshments. *wink wink* Unfortunately, I didn’t get their pics to show you, but I did get these to share! Check them out, posted in no order of particularness:

Due to some fortunate (for me!) fluke, my table was right next to Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue. His comic is incredibly popular and it’s terrific that he comes to STRIP. His publicist wasn’t there to stop me from getting a picture with him. I hope it doesn’t hurt his reputation!


Samantha and Joel Watson

The lovely Hector Cantu, the writer behind the syndicated strip “BALDO,” was also arm-wrestled into a picture with me. His wit is as natural in person as you would think if you’re a Baldo reader (and you should be).


Samantha and Hector

I don’t go to any conventions where I don’t see Rebecca Hicks and James Hicks of Little Vampires. That’s because any conventions which they don’t attend aren’t worth attending! After a ferocious battle of epic proportions, they reluctantly agreed to take this photo with me.


James Hicks, Samantha, Rebecca Hicks

Another highlight of the convention for me was a chance to see Barry Buchanan of Don’t Feed the Geek! fame. I hunted him down and forced him to pose for this picture. Fortunately, his wife and daughters were on MY side so I had help. You see that look of terror in his face, don’t you? That’s what happens to a guy when the girls gang up on him.


Samantha and Barry

Then there’s Mark Largent, creator of the wonderfully cute The Wannabe Pirates. It’s like he thought he could escape me!! I finally tackled him and forced him to pose for this picture with me.

Wannabe Pirates!

Mark Largent and Samantha

David Wilborn’s Urban Jungle comic consistently gets a laugh from me. Maybe it’s the office humor or the funny way he draws critters. Either way, he’s been a victim of my stalking for a while. I pounced from behind his banner there and the paparazzi caught me trying to lift his wallet.

Vine Swinging Office Mates

Samantha and David Wilborn

I also saw Chris Jeffrey and his wife. My son is a fan of Chris’s Cartridge webcomic which is full of gamey boy humor. I am a huge fan of Chris, so I didn’t want to ruin his reputation by being captured in a pic with him. You’re welcome, Chris!

The Jeffreys!

I also attended some panels! This was the first time I really took advantage of the panels provided by STRIP and I’m glad I did. Here are some photos of some of the remarkable folk who are helping this little convention grow:

Industry Illustrators

These guys!

Terry Parr, Michael Champion, Kit Lively, and James O’Barr

Gary Kent, Stuntman,writer, director, actor, special effects expert and do-gooder!

Stuntman and stuff!

Gary Kent, Magic Man

Creating Comics (these guys know their stuff)


Drew Edwards, Rob DenBleyker, Dave Barrack, Joel Watson, Thomas Overbeck

Women of Webcomics (Yes, that’s ME there!)


Rebecca Hicks, Samantha Wikan, Emily Karnes, Eliamaria Madrid, Halo Seraphim

One thing I learned this year is that I adore attending the panels but hate being away from my table and not socializing as much with the other comickers. Oh well, next year I hope to strike the happy medium! I hope to see you all then!

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Looks like a great time. Thanks for the pics and recap.

All I could think of throughout your post was how wonderful you look. Life must be treating you good. Glad you got to mingle with people you hold in high regard. I will be glad when you get back to doing your comic regularly.

Bearman, when are you going to come down and join us? I would LOVE to meet you in person!

Patti: Thank you. I can’t wait to get back to my comic. Life is actually kicking me in the rear-end, but if I can take this beating a while longer, life will be back on track better than ever!

It was great to see you again, and thank you for linking to my blog entry about the day. (Yes, I think it could have been better, but I’m still glad you liked it.) Hopefully, we’ll get to see you again soon.

Mr. P: It is ALWAYS awesome to see you. I can’t wait until we can get together outside of the comic convention!

Absolutely wonderful pictures Sam! It looks like everyone had a blast…..especially you!

I did! Thanks for checking out the pics!

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