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Wake Up Call
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Wake Up Call

When I spoke to Mr. Posslq at DWEX, I asked for an idea regarding the ants. He gave me the image of the army ant commander using hydesquirrel as a mount!!! This cracked me up so much. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work it into today’s strip and I just couldn’t draw it like the mental image I have. But I had SUCH fun trying.

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*falls from chair, laughing*

Ok, either i’ve to take some of the blame or someone has interesting nightmares. :XD

Sam, when you said that “the neighbors would definitely know”, you were just underestimating yourself…. ye Gods!

Now Zelda is going to wonder just where she went wrong this time… and why the dogs are hiding.

OMG, she used my idea!! Squeeeee! :)

I loved the fire-breathing ant (is that why they’re called ‘fire’ ants?), and even though they don’t have Hydesquirrel, I can see they have air support. Very well done. :)

Cemalidor: HAHAH! I’ve been trying not to comment because you and a couple of others seem to know what I’m thinking! And you guys always make the ideas better.

Ketira: Actually, I have a strip forming in my mind with neighbor reaction. *hee hee*

Mr.Posslq: Glad you picked up on the fire breathing fire ants! I was afraid it would be lost in the busy pic. Thank you for planting the seed for today’s comic! What I originally had in mind isn’t near as fun.

At this i just can say my favourite: A shit just occured :)

This is GREAT! (Not so much for Zelda and her family, though)

ROTFL!!!! This is too, too funny. The next word out of Warlock’s mouth: “ZELDAAAA!!!!!” I hope the number for the Magic Cleanup Squad is on their speed dial!

I was wondering how the army ants got all their modern tech.

The other question that occurs to me is:

How will the army ants behave once the fire ants have left? Will they be good garden occupants or will they assault the house to get sweet stuff (or will they do something else)?

Um….”Support Our Pests”, I guess?

This makes me so happy to live in the North. The fire-ant-free North.

*inserts “You’re in the army now….” sound in the background* 😉

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