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Close Shave
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Close Shave

You’ve probably guessed a lot of this comic is based on real life. Yep. This really happened.

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I had a roommate in college who was so wound up about a presentation he was making that day that he shaved off half of his mustache, and had to shave the whole thing off.

On the other hand, I recently marked 30 continuous years with my beard. There aren’t many people who know me without it.

Also, I had my chin declared legally dead, as it has not been seen for so long.

HAHAH! Your comment totally cracked me up! I am going to direct my husband here so he can read it.

Thank you for coming by and leaving a note!

As a beard wearer, I can say that it doesn’t take much to “mess up” the look of your beard, but there is a positive side to it: it will grow back. The negative side? It sometimes will grow back not the same color, as in gray or silver grows in place of the normal color, like mine did. Like I tell all my friends, I’ve earned every one of them.

I am not a beard fan, but it’s weird how you become accustomed to them on certain people, til they just look *wrong* without them.

As an artist I can declare the best short-cut in the world for making a character look male is giving them a beard!

Amuletts, I was not a fan of beards either. But hubby grew one and kept it so neat and trim, I really liked it on him. Then I decided that I liked how he looked better with it than without it! Hahaha! He shaves it off about once a year in the summer just to check on his face, I think, but the shaving accident actually happened a few days ago.

Dale: The gray has definitely taken over Husband’s beard and temples so that he looks so much younger without the beard! I think he’s considering staying clean-shaven for a while. *grin*

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