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Yes, Louise (and my daughter) are turning THIRTEEN. The house is full of teen angst, stubborness, and attitude.

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That’ll teach you to have more than one kid. At least they won’t (willingly) gang up on you! ^_~

LOL! It will be all right. I just hope the double dose of teen hormones dissipates soon. (I think Hubby fervently hopes that happens before menopause kicks in.)

Heaven help hiim if that happens before the teens grow out of their angst! He’ll have no place to run!

No, soon it’ll be your husband’s midlife crisis.

I’m determined to enjoy my kids (9, 6, & 3) while they still think I’m the most awesome dad ever. Not looking forward to the teen years.

Who needs cake when you can have a giant birthday cookie? Though seriously, there’s nothing wrong with cake either. Oh, great, now my sweet tooth is acting up!

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