Sketching Zelda

Someone asked me to record one of my drawing sessions since they are at work and can’t join in with us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Unfortunately, it takes *hours* for me to draw an entire strip which can only be boring to watch.  So I just recorded this little clip of me drawing a sketch of Zelda. This blue-line rough is the very first thing I draw.

As you can see, I start with a line for the spine, showing the general posture.  I have decided that Zelda will be standing and talking.  Here is a bit more about how I sketch Zelda:

Zelda is overweight, so I use a lot of circles…her head, chest, stomach and rear end…to give me her general shape.  Ovals for her thighs usually, or at least cyllinders with the sides bowed out.

Once I have her shape, I erase some of the more distracting structure lines (like the spine) and do an outline for her clothing.  Then I put on her witchy hat. I like drawing that wavy line for the brim and that bowed line for the upper edge of the pointy part.

Then Zelda’s hair. I do love drawing those curvy lines which is why Zelda’s hair is so wavy.

I have to zoom into the face to get an idea for where the facial features go.  As you can see, I use the guidelines given in any basic art book for that part.

Next I will show you the ‘inking’ (black line) step, and you will see how different that can be from the original sketch!

What do you think? Do you have any questions about my sketch process?

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