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Happy Halloween!
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Thursday | October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This story is finally finished. It was my second takeoff of an Edgar Allan Poe story. It was kind of hard to adapt to the comic, but I think it worked out rather well. It is weird to think of cool-headed Tina losing it. But dieting will do that to you at Halloween!

This will be the last comic update for a while as we are looking at a REBOOT of the comic next year! Once the holidays are over, I’ll be redesigning the characters, the site and possibly changing the name of the comic. I will do sporadic updates here on the site and a few filler strips as the spirit moves me.

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Non-Comic Blog Posts

Comic is on Hold pending a REBOOT!

November 24th, 2013

As soon as the holidays are over, I will begin a total stripdown and reboot of the comic. Those of you who follow me on the Facebook page or on twitter will be “in” on all my thoughts and trials as I go through this process.  Those who only follow this page via RSS or Email will not have any more updates, though I am considering re-playing the comic (taking all down and restarting posting the updates  from the beginning) over the holidays. What are your thoughts on that?

I will monitor this thread for comments and discussions.

In other news, my phone has a drawing app. I will be posting these kinds of things to the twitter feed and facebook page, too:

Drawing on the phone! Nice!

Still Twitching

August 31st, 2012

Greetings, all! So sorry to leave you hanging, but the Real World has brought about some big changes in our house and we’ve been out of any kind of normal routine for about a year. (You can read about it on my personal blog, DOODLEBOT.NET.) Thank you to those of you who have been checking in here and/or following me on twitter and on facebook .  You probably already know all this stuff!

But pertinent to the comic, YES I am going to finish this storyline! (Hopefully before THIS Halloween.)

YES, the comic is going to continue. I enjoy it too much to quit. Unfortunately, I don’t know when I can go back to regular updates. I want to revamp the whole comic and website at this point, and bring back my tech/gadget/life-hack blog WitchyTech too.

So watch this space, follow me on Twitter (or just the comic site’s RSS feed on twitter), or on facebook to get the heads-up as soon as things get to my new normal.


2011 in the Rear View Mirror

January 2nd, 2012

You all know how I hate mirrors. And how much MORE I hate the rear view! But I am delighted that 2011 is behind us. Every bit of good that happened has been nearly run over by the bad that followed.  I have lived long enough to know that after a couple of those kinds of years, there will be good years to follow. It’s just keeping yourself together so you can be ready to enjoy the good when it comes. *staples self together*

The upshot for the comic is that the real world will still take priority and updates will continue to be very sporadic. However, my resolution is to make more time for the comic. I find I am more energized when I am being creative, and I lost my zest in 2011, the whole time I wasn’t doing the comic or at least drawing *something* every day.

It is so rewarding to make comics for you. I enjoy writing and drawing, but my enjoyment grows when I can share the comics with you.  Talking with you in the comments and on facebook and twitter adds to the whole experience.  That’s why when I’m counting my blessings this year, I include those of you who read and enjoy Life’s a Witch.


Cookbook Sale!

September 30th, 2011

Order Your Copy Today!There are still copies of WEBCOMICS WHAT’S COOKING left!  Check it out:

All the profits from this book go to food banks in the US and Canada. In it, you will find recipes and comics from some of your favorite webcomic creators! INCLUDING a wonderful breakfast recipe and a little Life’s a Witch comic from ME.

Click for larger image








In order to sell the last few, they’re letting the creators offer a 7.5% discount!

You have to use the discount code: Samantha to get the sale price. (This code is case sensitive.)

This is such a great little cookbook. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone and you know the holidays are coming up.

I understand that there aren’t that many of these books left. Let’s see if we can clear the warehouse before the holidays to give the food banks a boost and cross some things off our Christmas lists!

Remember: for the 7.5% discount, use the coupon code Samantha.



STRIP! (f/k/a Dallas Webcomic Expo)

August 8th, 2011
Life's a Witch Crew

Ready to Comic!

STRIP this past Saturday was a blast! I had SO MUCH fun. Husband Michael was there to help me with the table while I flitted around the floor visiting old and new friends. Touching base with the comics community is so wonderful.

I got to see the best uber fans EVAR: Adminderella and Mr. Posslq! (Links to their own write-ups on the con.) They buttered me up by bringing liquid refreshments. *wink wink* Unfortunately, I didn’t get their pics to show you, but I did get these to share! Check them out, posted in no order of particularness:

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